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مقام معظم رهبری:برپایی نهضت نرم افزاری و تولید علم، توقع جامعه از اهل علم است

مقام معظم رهبری:برپایی نهضت نرم افزاری و تولید علم، توقع جامعه از اهل علم است


 If you work on oil and chemical fields, if you looking for recognition the    standards and material, and if you don’t know at all from where you start and or if you are a professional person, but it is not possible for you to search and keep in mind all of the standards, this software will change and promote your recognition and provide extra facility in order to search and save them, and also includes attractive and slightly environment along with thousands different explanations. The experienced persons know how much it is important to recognize the standards according to their names. For instance, ASME B16.5.in this regard, you should know this standard is associated to flanges and fitting and discuss about them. Please see the blow figure and will notice how much it is easy to give you all of the specification for this purpose. You can search a name of standard easily and see the explanation or with searching for special word, you can see the relevant standard. For example, what standards are about carbon steel and which one about Alloy (Inconel).what standards are about paint and pipe? You can search your favorite standards among the thousands of them with this program-OR/AND in tow lists and for searching this possible to be found one or two words or all of them. Received standard will be show in two separated indexes, and you are able to do this action several  

times. Until you will find your favorite results or save the results.


Besides of your favorite standards, this software will help you find the meaning of     abbreviation and well known words on projects and scientific articles searched .according to the subjects similar to the figure




Mauseful standards (for terials have been considered in detail translating the list of  

 (Iranian persons has been brought (of course not similar to English list



 .  Shortcut key on which you can work easily 




This software is portable and then there is no necessary to be installed and the memory flash or any tools that have 2MGB are able to be used this dictionary is unique treasure around the world and there is no any similar anywhere.

   This program is the yield of experienced year, research months and is an Iranian product

       The new edition will be send to purchasers

  For more information, please send E_MAIL to: Pars_soft@yhaoo.com    

Object: request standard dictionary

Cost software is 100$

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